Decay is a contemplation on the process of decay, a subject we are troubled by and drawn to in equal measures, because it implies decline and loss and also opens up to possibilities of change and transformation. Be it the fermentation process of food, the patina of treasured furniture, the warm sounds of an old cello, the worn steps of an ancient building, the colourful leaves in autumn or the signs of ageing on a friend’s face that make them uniquely and beautifully themselves. Decay embraces the melancholy of loss and rejoices in the promise of change.

Decay is touring between November 2018 to 2019, during which time Claudia Molitor and Tullis Rennie where joined by different guest artists at each performance. These musicians bring their own creative practice to each new iteration of the performance. And through this cumulative process, which slowly eroded the ‘original’ 50 minute performance, an evolving multi-authored work emerged.


19 Nov 2018 at hcmf// with guest artist Kelly Jane Jones

24 Feb 2019 at IKLEKTIC with guest artists John Butcher and Alison Blunt

5-7 April 2019 in Austin with guest artists Line upon Line

18 October at Transit with guest artist Gerrit Valckenaers

2 Nov 2019 at November Music with Sanne Rambags

25 Oct 2019 at sound with guest artist Pete Stollery

16 Nov 2019 at hcmf// with guest artists John Butcher and Alison Blunt

22 Nov 2019 at Sound of Stockholm with guest artist George Kentros


Decay image 1.jpg
Decay image.jpg

A record of Decay will be released in November 2019 by multi.modal, based at SPARC, a research centre in the music department of City, University of London. Project management in collaboration with NMC Recordings. Distributed by NMC Recordings.

Decay is produced by hcmf// and supported by PRS Foundation’s The Composers’ Fund