Compositions (selection)

Auricularis Superior or let your ear muscles roam, a sound-work for headphone listening as part of Field Studies 2017, a celebration of Pauline Oliveros.

MELT, improvisation score for the ONE project, toured by Ben Gaunt to Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and London, 2017

Walking with Partch, performed by MusicFabrik at hcmf// 2016

Entangled, for three percussionists, commissioned and performed by line upon line during their 2016/17 US tour

The Singing Bridge, a sound work for Waterloo Bridge as part of Totally Thames, installation at Somerset House, September 2016, download from NMC Recordings.

Sonorama, an audio-work for the train journey from St Pancras to Margate, free to download as an app; installation at Turner Contemporary; book published by Uniformbooks. Produced by Electra, Turner Contemporary, the British Library, Southeaster Rail, with historian Prof David Hendy (Noise: A Human History/BBC4). June to September 2015.

Vast White Stillness, an audio-visual, multi roomed installation with live performance. Commissioned and performed at Spitalfields Music (2014) and Brighton Festival (2015).

2TwoLO for the ‘Objects at an Exhibition’ project by the Science Museum, NMC Recordings and the Aurora orchestra. Performance at the Science Museum and CD release in Oct 2015.

The view from behind my desk, an on-line curated project where artists contribute an image and a recording from their desk spaces, thus giving tantalizing sonic glimpses into the artist’s space and place of creating, making and thinking. 

I dwell in sound and the sound dwells in me, an audio-visual installation that ran through the spaces at Colston Hall as part of the Bristol New Music festival during February 2014.

Und lass Dir…, for string quartet, performed by the Canadian Bozzini Quartet at the Bristol New Music festival on 22 February 2014.

Remember me... a deskOpera commissioned and produced by Cryptic. Performances at Spitalfields Music Festival, Spor (Denmark) and New Directions (Sweden) in 2013 and Sonic-a (Glasgow), hcmf//, sound and November Music (The Netherlands) 2012.

From Landscape to Soundscape, Tate Britain workshop leading to a performance of Sounding the View, part of the opening of the refurbished galleries at Tate Britain, 2013.

Schnalz, for string orchestra, performed by Hamburg based Ensemble Resonanz at hcmf// 2012.

Promming (with listening stick), BBC Proms commission, live performance during July 2012 and online at

Unter-Haltung, a collaborative performance with Swedish artists Anna Koch & Pascal Jardry for SPOR festival in Denmark, May 2012.

Tango, for piano, performed by Zubin Kanga at Kings Place, London, February 2012 and during his tour of Australia in Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne, July 2011.

Ocean's with ‘Oceans of Blood and Silver’ and ‘String Theory’ at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Le Weekend festival, October and November 2010 and the Belfast Festival, October 2011.

Tango II for Rolf Hind and dancer Jonathan Goddard (with choreography by Mark Baldwin from Rambert Dance), performed at the Roundhouse, London, January 2010.

It’s not quite how I remember it, a video score, performed by the London Sinfonietta, October 2009.

Alert, Royal Philharmonic Society commission for a collaborative video/dance/music piece with choreographer Richard Alston (The Richard Alston Dance Company) and video artist Deborah May. Performed at The Place, June 2009.

Untitled 40 [desk-life], commissioned by London Sinfonietta and performed at their 40th Anniversary Concert at QEH, London, December 2008, broadcast by BBC 3 Hear and Now and Late Junction.

Paper Cut, joint BBC and Huddersfield Festival commission for hcmf//, November 2008, broadcast by BBC 3.

Pink beads pop for recording and broadcast by the German radio station WDR 3 by Apartment House in Cologne, March 2008. 

Untitled [fizzy painting makes me happy] for Apartment House for Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria, November 2007.


Writing (Selection)

 ‘Professor Fox, will you give me a doodle?’ about the influence of sketching/notating on sonic imaging in compositional practice in The Music of Christopher Fox: Portraits and Discussions of an Enigma, published by Ashgate, 2016.

‘The taste of the apple’ in the Music - Sound Art: Historical Continuum and Mimetic Fissures, published by ZeroBooks, 2016.

Sonorama: Listening to the view from the train, published by Uniformbooks 2015.


Recordings (Selection)

The Singing Bridge, released as download on NMC Recordings 2016.

Sonorama, release on iTunes, 2015.

2TwoLO on ‘Objects at an Exhibition’, released on NMC Recordings, 2015.

lorem ipsum, released on EXAUDI’s Exposure, 2013.

Untitled 40 [desk-life], released by London Sinfonietta on Jerwood Series, CD 6, 2009.

My favourite sound released on NMC Recordings as part of their NMC Songbook CD, celebrating 20 years of the label, 2009.

Re-mix of untitled in Cof minor by Mikhail for ‘Morphica’ CD on the Sub Rosa label, 2009.

“I am the cook…”, released by ÖBV, Kunstverein Wien and ORF 1, 2009.