Remember Me...

In 2008 I inherited a writing desk from my grandmother. Upon opening it and exploring the contents, I realised that the inside of this desk was the only physical space that she could have truly called her own.

Fascinated by this notion, immersed in Cavarero’s writings on the female voice, baffled by the amount of Opera being written in the 21st century, re-reading Dido and Eurydice’s respective myths and listening to Gluck and Purcell’s operas, I set out to find my own particular way to engage with the idea of opera. What has emerged is a miniature, intimate and immersive journey into an imaginary world.

Concept, Composer, Text and Performer – Claudia Molitor
Co-Director – Dan Ayling
Set Designer – James Johnson
Production Manager and Operator – Jack McConchie
Photograph by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Toured during November 2012 to sound (Aberdeen), Sonica (Glasgow), hcmf// (Huddersfield) and November Music (s’-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands). In 2013 it will tour to festivals in Denmark and the South of England. 

“Exquisitely beautiful, fragile work that played with Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas in a sometimes elusive meditation on memory.” 
David Kettle, The Scotsman

“…a quiet mixture of vocals, storytelling, movement and sound.”
Jean-Xavier Boucherat, The Skinny

“…an exquisitely detailed miniature opera inside a Victorian woman’s writing-desk.”
Richard Morrison, The Times 

“Two moments still resonate: the whispered secret at the close of composer Claudia Molitor’s Remember Me,…”
Anna Picard, The Independent

A Cryptic production by Claudia Molitor for Sonica, co-commissioned by hcmf//, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation and The RVW Trust.

Image from the performance at Scotland Street, Glasgow

Image from the performance at Scotland Street, Glasgow

One of the three films projected during the performance of Remember Me...