The Singing Bridge

“I tell them that this is the Waterloo Road bridge but we all call it the Ladies’ Bridge ‘cause it was actually built by 65% of female labour during the Second World War.” (Riverboat pilot, 2006)

The Singing Bridge is a sound work in celebration of Waterloo Bridge and its environs. This 40 minute piece is best experienced whilst walking around the area of Waterloo Bridge and taking time to enjoy the magnificent views from the bridge across London as the music of The Singing Bridge opens up a little pocket of stillness and reflection for the listener, to take them temporarily out of the pounding urban soundscape relentlessly crashing past them, to give an opportunity to say a cordial “hello” to this engineering marvel that is Waterloo Bridge and a “thank you" to the people behind its existence.

Walking over Waterloo Bridge to me is one of the great spectacles of urban life in London. Walking towards the magnificent National Theatre and Southbank Complex or the impressive Somerset House both delight in their architectural ambition and grandeur. Taking in the sweeping views across London’s skyline from the bridge itself gives one of the few un-interrupted views in the city without climbing upwards. And taking time to study the bridge itself, with its long arches, its beautiful Portland stone cladding, the Thames rushing beneath, the people rushing atop and the history that is retained in its structure has its own charm…

The Singing Bridge is available from NMC Recordings

Singing Bridge_boilerplate.jpg