Vast White Stillness

A multi-spatial performance
by Claudia Molitor and Dan Ayling

“It must be immense, this silence, in which sounds and movement have room …
The distant sea … patiently letting the magnificent solitude work upon you …
an anonymous influence continuously and gently decisive …”
Rilke, Letter X, 26/12/1908

Vast White Stillness plays with the fleeting glance, the not-quite-heard, and the half-remembered just-out-of-reach, by combining composition with moving and still image, performance, live music and installation. At its core is the sense of Heimweh: a feeling trapped between happiness and sadness, giving rise to melancholy and a sense of loss.

just this vast white stillness
to which my stunned soul listens with breathless trepidation.

Rainer Maria Rilke

first performed at Spitalfields Festival 2014 and Brighton Festival 2015

The Taste of the Apple: composing as a process of listening, looking, dreaming and writing in Colloquium: Sound Art and Music, published by Zero Books discusses this work